shotcut stopped dragging Videos to the timeline in Kali Linux 2023.1 with Gnome 44

Upgrading to Gnome 44 in Kali Linux 2023.1 created a conflict when dragging videos to the timeline in all versions of shotcut including the new 23.05.

This is a bug in the Mutter component of GNOME 44

this is not a solution for distributions like Kali LInux in its gnome 44 environment.

We cannot fix it. GNOME has fixed it. You can use a different distribution, a different desktop environment, a different OS, or a different video editor.

Just for information, the fix for this issue is part of Gnome 44.2 scheduled to be released 27/05.
Then it is up to the distributions to include, it depend a lot on the distribution.

Just lean the shortcut to add clips to the timeline or use the icons, it is much faster anyway.

It is only drag & drop from Source video there is not working, moving clip on the timeline works fine.

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Thank you for sharing this news. I will do what you say to put it in practice

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