Shotcut SO unresponsive that dragging a little soundclip crashes it

Literally so.
I’m just moving little bite sized sound clips from one audio channel to another.
The very act takes 10 seconds each time for each short sentence.

Twice it stalled the program to the point of crashing it.
This is a 23 minute project with almost nothing on it, almost no effects/filters beyond speed-ups which are irrelevant because everything except the sound clips im working on is muted and hidden.

I have a ryzen3900x, 32gigs of ram, nothing like this should be happening.
It’s using 10% of my cpu and about 20% of my ram when running playback and it runs so pathetically that it’s like watching at 10 fps, also making it impossible to edit the video (matching music beats to the video frames etc).

This shouldn’t be happening.
Let me please unlock this program that doesn’t use anything of my pc or ram, so that it actually tries using it. Thanks!

Do you mean moving one audio clip from one track to another (example: A1 to A2)?

Can you share more information and include steps so others can duplicate the issue?

It’s just that. Dragging a tiny clip from A1 to A2, for example.
I have no idea how others can replicate it, or perhaps, how they can not.

Maybe it’s an issue when using many clips which are all sped up to x1.3-x2 ?

I have no idea what it is. Shotcut is using barely any of my CPU and a tiny fraction of my ram (4gigs out of 32), so how can it run so slow?
Is there any way to make it load more stuff into memory? Maybe increase it’s ram allowance? cpu allowance? I want it to run full bore

Now I’m aware it’s freeware and I’m infinitely grateful, but at least let me unleash my computer on this thing somehow

Did it really crash, or did you not wait and kill it?

I’m just moving little bite sized sound clips from one audio channel to another.

It is a known problem that moving a clip to another track must reload the timeline, and that can be slow. Otherwise, we do not know why it is being slow for some systems or use cases. Sometimes we do know but have not figured out a solution. Sometimes we lose motivation due to hearing complaints from users and feeling burned out and just don’t care anymore. Maybe someone smarter than us developers can fix it.

Did you check if there is more than one shotcut.exe running in the Windows Task Manager Details view?

Only 1 shotcut running.

It really crashed, it went to white screen and I got the windows “this program is not responding” message.

I’m not a smarter developer than you but it seems to me shotcut is barely utilizing the power of modern hardware. That’s why I suggested to think about maybe adding cpu/ram utilization options, like in programs such as ProTools (where you can set max CPU usage on a range from 0% to 100%)

It is designed to work well on the developer’s computer and it works for many other people. But computers have infinite combinations and uses - and we can not test them all. Maybe there is something unique about your computer that does not work well with Shotcut. Can you try your project on a different computer to see if the same problem exists?

Maybe you are using a feature in a specific way that is unexpected. Can you provide some screenshots or a screen recording so that we can see how you are using it?

There is an option under Settings called “Display Method”. You could try changing that to see if it affects anything.

I will try on a different computer, unfortunately I don’t have any one that’s as strong as this one.
Again, it’s a ryzen 3900x with 32gigs of ram (fast ram also)

I’m afraid of messing with display options because when I do that it causes huge changes to the entire project for some reason :confused: But I’ll try with a backup.

The only thing I can think of I might be doing radically different than other people is that all of the clips in my videos are sped up in the range of 1.3-2.5

It isn’t always about the computer specifications. Sometimes other programs or processes interfere. Especially antivirus programs. Sometimes the experience on a lower end computer can be better than a higher end computer if the environment is more friendly.

“Display Method” is not a project setting. It just changes the technology that Shotcut uses to display the preview images. “Video Mode” is a project setting that can be risky to change.

That is a good hint I think we are looking for something like that. In my testing, I seem to perceive a difference when I have more clips on the timeline - even if the clips are on a track that I am not modifying. When I added 100 clips to a track on my timeline, it seems to take a little longer to move a clip around.

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