Shotcut snap could include commands for shipped melt/ffmpeg/ffprobe binaries

Update: Solved/merged see commit

Shotcut snap comes with its own melt/ffmpeg/ffprobe/etc binaries, I’d like these to become available as a global bash command to the whole system instead of only snap shotcut gui for ease in testing a current/different melt/ffmpeg version. For example:

$ shotcut #runs shotcut gui version which is already working
$ shotcut.melt #runs the melt version shipped with shotcut snap
$ shotcut.ffmpeg #runs the ffmpeg version shipped with shotcut snap

I think its not that hard to add, however I don’t know if others would like this feature?


grade: stable
confinement: classic

    command: bin/desktop-launch $SNAP/
+  melt:
+   command: $SNAP/
+  ffmpeg:
+   command: /snap/shotcut/current/