Shotcut slows down with many clips in the video


I’ve only been working with Shotcut for a short time and am pleasantly surprised at the range of functions. I am currently creating several tutorials in the field of measurement technology. There is a lot of text to integrate here.

Unfortunately, the more individual clips are inserted into the video, the slower the program becomes.

Example: Length of the videos: approx. 200 seconds

1 video track still image foreground
1 video track still image background
1 video track with 9 text clips with fades
1 video track with 9 text clips with fades
1 video track with 8 text clips with fades
1 video track with 3 text clips with fades
1 video track with 1 text clip with fades

The video opens normally with Shotcut.

And now the delays set in.
Calling up and executing all functions in Shotcut now takes an “eternity”, at least 5 to 8 seconds.
This also applies to saving processes and rendering (exporting).
Sometimes there is a message that the application has stopped responding.
In some cases the Shotcut program also crashed.

With regard to the hardware and software, everything is probably fine here.
My system:
CPU: Intel ® Core ™ i7-4820K, 3.7GHz
OS: 64-Windows 10 Prof. (20H2, current drivers) on SSD
RAM: 64 GB
HDD: 20 TB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 3GB RAM
ShotCut: Version 03/21/21

Strangely enough, this system runs with Shotcut in a virtual machine (VMWare-Player 15) with only 32 Gbytes of RAM without these delays in function calls and function executions!

Who knows this problem and has a solution?

With best regards from Germany und thank you

You have a very good amount of ram, Even this much ram could run very heavy scenes in autodesk maya, I am not sure why it is happening to you but what I know is that you need to close all apps running in the background and turn on preview scaling with proxy clips, Closing all apps will not work in your case because this much ram could handle too much, I am sure that you will be having at least 4-6gb free even after opening 30-40 at once that means you have good amount of ram free, But proxy clips and preview scaling have 30% chances of working.


Maybe VMware is in partnership with Alienware :alien: and they both have sent their aliens :alien: to your physical PC to make shotcut not work on your PC but in the partnershipped VMware…LOL :rofl:

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Some ideas to try in your Windows installation:

  • Try different options in Settings->Display Method
  • Disable “Show Video Waveforms” in the timeline options menu

Let us know if you see any difference with those settings. Maybe other people will have ideas to try also.

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Thanks for your information. I followed all of your instructions, but the problem still exists.
Thanks anyway!

Unfortunately, the problem still persists. I’m also starting to believe in an alien conspiracy.
Thanks anyway!

Thanks for your information.

(1) Changes to the display mode in “Display Settings” did not result in any improvements.
(2) I deactivated the “Show video waveforms” option in the “Timeline options”. Unfortunately, the problem is still there.

I suspect that Shotcut might have fundamental difficulties calling the function routines in connection with a main memory larger than 64 GB.
Thank you for your efforts.

Hello Dear Shotcut Community,

a short statement on my request from May 2, 2021.

(1) The problem was a considerably delayed call to the functions in shutout.

(2) My system:

CPU: Intel ® Core ™ i7-4820K, 3.7GHz
OS: 64-Windows 10 Prof. (20H2, current drivers) on SSD (500GB)
RAM: 64 GB
HDD: 20 TB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 3GB RAM
ShotCut: Version 21.05.01

(3) I have now only installed the latest Windows 10 Pro and Shotcut version 21.05.21 as the operating system on this hardware.

(4) In the case of hardware with 64GB RAM, the considerably delayed call of the functions in Shotcut is available again.

(5) A test with hardware with 32GB RAM shows no problems.

(6) Unfortunately, it is clear to me that the delayed call of the functions in Shotcut is related to the equipment with large RAM (> 32GB).

My questions:
Which of you has had the same experience?
Is there a way to allocate less memory to Shotcut?

With best regards from Germany.

I mostly use shotcut on 32gb ram, but this time I bought 6 new motherboard, each of them having 256gb of ram, and shotcut didn’t work on all of them, but when I just use 32 gigs of ram it works totally fine, the problem here is it can’t handle too much ram because shotcut is only made by a small amount of developers, but professional editors like premiere have large teams with powerful equipment to test the compatibility, but shotcut doesn’t have too much powerful equipment to test.
And unfortunately I can’t find any way to just give shotcut 32gb.

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Hello A_Dr,

Thank you very much for your information and for confirming my problem.
Apparently you also have this problem with “excellent” RAM equipment.
I can understand the developer’s point of view that Shotcut has to work stably with 32 GB of RAM. But why not with more than 32 GB of RAM?
I still hope that the developers read this post and quickly get Shotcut ready for 64GB RAM.

Many thanks and greetings from Germany

And 256gb also.
If they didn’t go this much higher than I will be in loss, because I specially bought these motherboards to use in shotcut…LOL… :rofl:, (I just bought them to edit 12k videos).

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Try this

That is incorrect. My main Windows development workstation I have been using since 2016 has 64 GB RAM (and NVIDIA GTX 980ti), and I do not experience these problems.

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Hello Shotcut,

Thanks for the information.
Then, unfortunately, that’s the way it is and the cause of my problem is obviously one then another.

With best regards from Germany

Hello Shotcut,

finally the cause of my problem with the strongly delayed reaction of Shotcut in the current version 21.03.21.

The cause is the “Kaspersky Anti-Virus” program (!!!).

With best regards from Germany ringo1


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