Shotcut Slow To Refresh Open File View

This is less a problem than something to be aware of. When using Shotcut (iMac, 2.5GHz Core i5, 12GB of memory, High Sierra) I’ve noticed at times that what’s in a folder I’m working in isn’t always reflected when you go to the Open File dialog.

At first I thought I mislaid the files, though going back to the Finder there’re there, it just seems to take awhile for Shotcut to “see” them.

A way around this I have found is to open one or two random folders (via Shotcut’s Open File dialog). By the time you get back to the one you actually working in, Shotcut “sees” its content and all is good.

And I’ve also noticed that Shotcut is more than a little bit crashy (I’ll typically get at least two or three on any given day).

Though that’s relatively minor in that it doesn’t stop me from doing whatever I need to do and perhaps more importantly, It reminds me that I need to “Save” and do so often.

Yes, saving often is a very good habit. Not only with Shotcut but with any application. You never know when the power might go out or when a cat will fall or jump on your keyboard.

We do not make the file dialog. Usually that is provided by the operating system; it is on macOS.

I’m aware, though I said the “Open File” dialogue, which isn’t part of MacOS and very much a part of Shotcut (I’d post a picture of it were allowed).

There is a “File” dialog in MacOS though it has nothing to do with the issue I mentioned.

You really think you know better than me? Even though it appears inside Shotcut does not mean it is made by Shotcut. Here is the API we use:

It says

By default, a platform-native file dialog will be used if the platform has one.

macOS does

And the only way we customize it (via simple API) is by:

  1. setting the starting folder
  2. “Consider including a pop-up button that enables filtering for specific types of files.” in the above.

Excuse me!? “Know better than me!?” Shotcut has a button called “Open File,” Nobody EVER thinks “Oh, this button on this app acts weird, I wonder what’s the API used!?”

I don’t know why you’re blowing this out of proportion though what I do know is that this behavior ONLY happen with Shotcut and no other video editor I have used (Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere CC).

Sort of makes sense to assume that this is a Shotcut issue.