Shotcut shut down automatically after 10 minutes using

I can only use Shotcut for 10 minutes and then there’s a notification said that Shotcut has stoped.
Can someone help me fix it
i only know that my computer has 32 bits and i dowloaded the version for 32 bit

Uninstall 18.07.02
Re install 18.07.02 and choose the option to remove registry settings.

(Assuming you are using the Windows version as you haven’t said)

If all else fails, go back to an earlier version such as 18.03 [Links on the shotcut download page]

If you still have issue, you might have an unsuitable computer.

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Was it the same on last versions?
Are you new to shotcut?

10 minutes without doing nothing special?

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yes,i am new to shotcut
i only download the latest version
can you help me fix it
i’m practicing some filters and transition on shotcut then after 10 minutes, it’s shut down

Thank you so much
i’ll try

Shotcut is not a polished commercial software, it’s an on-going work in progress that the developers allow anyone to use for free. It’s buggy in places and is expected to crash now and then which is why detailed bug reports (steps on how to repeat the crash) are appreciated by the developers. ‘Real-world’ use by inexperienced and experienced persons is valuable to them.
‘Practicing’ [aka: testing] with Shotcut is a good idea as it shows you what is can do and where it’s weaknesses are. It also let’s you become a valuable forum member when you can accurately report possible bugs.
Listing the steps to repeat a crash and making sure you include all relevant details about your computer hardware, operating system and video file types helps a lot.

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After the crash, go piuck the logs and post it here for the devs.

Also, on 32-bits you might be running out of memory. I do not recommend making a project with more than 1280x720 resolution on 32-bit. Shotcut will crash when it runs out of memory as there are still very many places where it does not gracefully stop when it runs out.

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