Shotcut Shadows

So I’ve been wanting to put this type of shadows in my videos in shotcut. Can it be done?

Yes, just introduced with Shotcut version 20.09.01 Beta.
The Pillar Echo filter

There are several reported bugs with this version, not specifically with this filter. The bugs are being addressed before the next full release. You can read that discussion here:

With the current release of Shotcut you can also perform the same thing with various different filters.

Filters Used

  • Rotate & Scale to scale the video/image up
  • Blur Filters (4 blur filters to choose from)
    • Blur: Box
    • Blur: Exponential
    • Blur: Gaussian
    • Blur: Low Pass

And from our YouTube channel

Oh thanks! one more thing though, how do I add the shadow that he uses? I want to make it kinda stand out

Using 20.09.01
Video Mode: 1920x1080 (1080p)

V1: Image 1080x1920
V1: Filter: Pillar Echo

  • Position: 656, 0
  • Size: 607 x 1080

V2: Black color clip (Open Other - Color, then Properties, set to Black or a different color)
V2: Filters: In this exact order

  1. Mask: Simple Shape (Sets border for color)
    Operation: Overwrite
    Shape: Rectangle
    Horizontal: 50% (Default)
    Vertical: 50% (Default)
    Width: 16.57% (Adjust this setting to make color border wider)
    Height: 60%
    Rotation: 0% (Default)
    Softness: 2.30%

  2. Mask: Simple Shape (Sets border to source video/image)
    Operation: Subtract
    Shape: Rectangle
    Horizontal: 50% (Default)
    Vertical: 50% (Default)
    Width: 15.75%
    Height: 50%
    Rotation: 0% (Default)
    Softness: 0%

  1. Create a black image: File > Open Other > Color …> Click color button > Choose black > Ok
  2. Drag it to the timeline in a track between the background track and the video clip track.
  3. Resize it to fit with the vertical clip : Filter: Size and Position. Size Mode : Distort

For the rest, watch the video


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