Shotcut Setup: Installation Options - Pin To Taskbar (Windows)


May I please suggest adding the following additional radio button to the Shotcut Setup: Installation Options:

:ballot_box_with_check: Pin To Taskbar

Thank you

It is easy enough to do this with Windows itself. Just start Shortcut, right-click its icon on the taskbar and select: `

Pin to taskbar

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That’s I do every time I do a download. Hence the recommendation.

So far as I know Microsoft Windows Installer does not have a standard action to enable pinning to taslbar. It allows for shortcuts and registry operations among many others, but not the action you are asking for. Some other installers do, but not Microsoft’s.

I see. Thank you. When you think about it, if the task bar is locked it would be unable to pin something to it.

I never see this button in any software … I pin all those I use a lot … and 200% sure Shotcut is one of :slight_smile:

Locking the taskbar doesn’t prevent you adding applications to it. It simply prevents you from accidentally resizing it, or moving it to the sides or top of the screen. I have a “widget” on my taskbar to show me download and upload speeds. When I lock the taskbar I cannot then resize that widget. I have to unlock it to do this, when a resize “handle” appears in front of my widget, as can be seen below:

I will now tick desktop shortcut and can drag it to the task bar. Done.