Shotcut screen size

i’m using Ubuntu 20.04 and Shotcut v. 20.02.21 opening Shotcut over fills my 24" screen from left to right. I cannot reduce the app smaller to fit a single screen. My O.S. is set to 100% i and resolution of 3972x768 which covers 3 monitors. How can i reduce the app size to one monitor? Any suggestions?

As far as I can tell, Shotcut never had this version.
You can look here for older versions. (Current version is there as well.)

You can close some of the panels to reduce the window size. Then, when you do open a panel, you may need to customize their layout or float them and put them on another screen.

I uninstalled shotcut and installed the later version version and it was worse yet. i have 3 monitors in back of my laptop connected and the app ran totally off screen when i tried to reduce it the smallest i could get it was still way off screen. didnt mattter what screen i put it on laptop or external, no good either way.

i will return to the earlier version i was told never exusted, at least that was a screen and a third

How would you suggest to close some of the panels? i can see no way to do this

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