Shotcut Screen Size Problem

Hello… I have been looking for more than 12 hours through google and aload of websites including shotcut forum and couldn’t find any solution… Here’s my problem: I edited a movie with some episodes of a series to make 1 whole huge movie. Not sure if I can name titles here so I won’t just in case. My problem is that the movie itself is the correct screen size I want, the borders goes to max width. (no black borders on the sides). the episodes I merged with has little black borders on the side. I merged both the movie and the episodes together and now I have it being the same screen size as the episodes. (with black borders on the sides) I don’t want that. The movie resolution is 3840 x 1608, episodes resolution are 3840 x 2160 which shouldn’t be a problem? Trust me when I say I have tried everything. Changing the playback to auto or any other res, aspect ratios (tried everything), screen resolutions (tried everything), Cropping, resizing, nope nothing works, the little black borders on the sides are always there no matter what, I need help. Here’s an exemple of what I’m talking about below. (1st pic is movie, 2nd is episode)

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Video Mode should be set to 3840x2160. Episodes will fill the screen. Movie clips will have black bars on top and bottom. There is no avoiding black bars of some form since the clips are different aspect ratios.

My problem comes after exporting. here’s what it looks like (followed your steps)

What filters are applied to that clip? And what is your monitor aspect ratio? If you have a 21:9 monitor, there will be black bars on the side and there’s no avoiding that.

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