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There is a post on the Shotcut reddit (link posted below) saying that the user has tried to create an account here on the forum, but cannot do so.

I thought I would post this in the hope that someone has a solution of some sort (e.g., a contact address that this user can email, or even reaching out to the reddit user - I would be happy to DM the user with information for a contact person here at the forum, if possible).

As the user asks, is this a bug or known problem? Have there been others who have been unable to create an account here on the forum?

‘Not being able to join Shotcut forum’
"Hi everyone,

I recently began working with Shotcut and even more recently found out that there is an official forum for questions/support ect. However, unfortunately, I’m not able to create an account on there because I do not get an confirmation e-mail. I have tried multiple times (as in weeks apart), multiple e-mail addresses and checked my spam-inbox thoroughly.

Since there is not any contact information on the website, I’ve decided to try my luck here. Does anyone know if this is a known problem (or not) and possibly how to fix it?

Thanks in advance"

I remember I had trouble getting notifications a couple of years ago. I was using my Hotmail email account at the time. It was fixed when I switched to a Gmail email in my Shotcut account.

Maybe this person can try with an email address from a different service.

Thanks for helping this future forum member.

I can see from the user management screen that a dozen people have successfully created new accounts today. Some of them have already participated in posts. So account creation must be working.

Unfortunately, I do not have access to a log of failed e-mail attempts. So I can not see if any e-mails failed to be delivered.

I agree with the suggestion of trying different e-mail addresses, but it seems like the person already did that. Maybe double check to make sure the address is from a completely different e-mail provider?


Thanks for taking a look at this, Brian, and for confirming that others have been able to successfully create accounts today.

Fingers crossed that the prospective user can find a way to successfully join the forum at some point.

Thanks, MusicalBox.

I will pass this on, in case the reddit user has not seen your suggestion.

When I created my account here about two weeks ago I was a little worried that I might have some trouble because I have occasionally had problems registering with these kinds of forums with my Yahoo account, but everything went successfully.

Thanks again.

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See here for more info and response from Dan:

Thanks, Elusien.

I need some info about the account like a username or email alias to locate an account manually activate. Otherwise, yeah, due to prolific spam on the Internet some email systems reject our mail even though I have taken measures to provide legitimacy.

Thanks, Dan.

If I had had any more responses from that reddit user, I would go back to them and ask what user name they tried to register with here, but I have not had any responses, so am going to leave this matter here.

Thanks for your response.

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