Shotcut proxy bug

im using a windows 10 64 bit

Shotcut version 22.03.30

hello the bug is that if I use a proxy on my video and try to copy it then it does not have a proxy anymore. also if I proxy the video then the same video then it also does not have the proxy on the scecond one
(heres a screenshot for a better example also the bottom one is the first one and the top one is the second one)


if you select Setting - > Proxy → Use Proxy (or Press F4)

Screenshot from 2022-03-31 19-28-21

Then you will have proxy on all clips, also when you copy

If Use Proxy is disabled, then you have to press the proxy button on each clip you want to proxy and when you copy the clip you have to press the proxy button on the copied clip

Your screenshot shows you do not have proxy mode on in the status message area just below the player. You need to have proxy mode turned on as @TimLau shows for it to automatically use a proxy for new clips even if they came from a clip on which you made a proxy.

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