Shotcut playback actually got slower

CPU - i5 3450
Ram - 8GB
GPU - GTX 960
OS - Windows 10 64bit

Until last night, I edited my videos with no problem at all.
and then I shut the computer and went to bed.
About 10 hours later, video playback noticably got slower.

It used to be playing at normal speed with unedited raw video
but right now it plays at the speed of a video has more than two filters applied even on the raw unedited video.

Of course exporting the video has no problem at all. It exports nice looking video I intended.
The problem is, reviewing the little part I just worked on with the extremely slow playback is so painful.

Restarting doesn’t seems to work. Interpolaration is on Nearest. DisplayMethod is DirectX.
I switched it to OpenGL and turned on GPU accel, but doesn’t seem to work either.
Software version is 17.03

I really have no idea what is happening here. Looked at task manager and found nothing suspicious.
maybe a scheduled check up of antivirus? nope…

Try installing the newest version (17.04) :wink: and use the “remove settings from registry” option when installing.

Tell me if that fixes it and if not we’ll go from there!

I fixed it!

About two days ago, I installed a game named “Vindictus” which comes along with
"Nexon Game Manager" and "nProtect Keyboard Security"
I deleted all of them and it seems playback works just fine like before!
I have no idea why they caused Shotcut playback to be slowed down though.

Hey, glad it was a simple fix! I can’t say why either though, but something like “Nexon Game Manager” sounds kind of shady to me. I searched online and it says the game is available through Steam instead, which is probably where you first got it from but sometimes publishers require you download their client as well, which is what I assume happened to you too :confused:

You understood everything. I have been using computers since the 80’s, and I never installed a game on a computer I use for work or serious computing. Only Tux Racer and Pingus when I reinstall Linux, to test the graphic driver :wink: But on Windows, I would never dare install a game, especially if it is packed with such things as a “game manager” or “protecting” “security” software.

Yeah, I totally agree with you. I wish I had two seperate computers for each purpose though :cry: