Shotcut Performance!

Hi, Shotcut used to run fine for me. Now, after a few updates, it runs at 2 frames per second (see attached image), and it is incredibly difficult to do precision edits of any kind. My PC uses an i5-3570k (overclocked to 4.2 ghz) and a gtx 960. Any help? Thanks!


It depends on what you are doing. If you are playing a video by itself in the Source player with no project loaded and Video Mode = Automatic, then it should not be like that. If you are playing a project whose video mode is 4K and applying filters, transitions, and/or blending tracks, then it can normally be like that - see CPU 100%.
Also, try to not use Settings > Display Method = Software.

Hi - I thought this might be related to the performance so I’d really appreciate if anyone can help:

I edited a video up to a point. Then I saved a video draft to complete editing later.

When I tried to upload the saved draft to continue editing on shotcut, I got an error message.

“There are missing files in your project. Double click each row to locate a file.”

After I double click, a new file is created but it doesn’t play the video - ie no audio/pictures, just a moving track.

I have saved unfinished videos to my computer files in the past to work on later and not experienced this so I’m not sure if its a bug and will appreciate any help in getting this solved - outside of starting editing from scratch.


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