Shotcut outperforms OpenShot!

Shotcut might not have a “shiny” interface, but it outperforms OpenShot on many fronts. I am working on an animation that consists of 5772 still images. Because trying to load them all at once caused OpenShot to crash, I created three sets of 1924 images apiece. However, once loaded, I could not create three separate image sequences. Nor could I edit the first image sequence so that it included all of the frames. I had initially posted to both stackoverflow and reddit for an answer, but ultimately searched for another app.

That’s when I found Shotcut. It was much less problematic to open the three sets of 1924 images. Then, creating three separate image sequences and adding them to a timeline for seamless playback was a breeze. Also, Shotcut’s xml/mlt files are much smaller than OpenShot’s osp files. So, I’m a happy camper! You have a new fan!


For information on Video editor applications you can check out this video and others through howtopam where we check out many video editors and rate them.

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That was exactly my setup where i came to SC. I had created some huge image sequences from google earth studio (which is btw. a really nice application, and in the meanwhile can generate complete videos in the cloud) - some with more than 10k images up to 4k each. I was used to magix video (de luxe) which could handle the job but quite cumbersome and slow. SC really performed much better on this kind of job and also produced better video results. That may be due to rather old video codecs i used in magix that time - but results came out better and quicker in SC. In general SC is a good all-purpose video editor and beginner friendly with small data footprint (doesn’t need multiple GB of RAM e.g.) and it comes totally free with a great community :slight_smile:

To be completely honest it does lack some more advanced editing features compared to professional editors and in some places has some odd behavior that you have to get used to (undo and handling of transitions for example). Also it tends to slow down a lot on big projects with lots of filters and clips on multiple tracks. Beside of that it is quite stable and robust.

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Yeah, being that I work many will still images and not animation, I found the learning curve with SC fairly minimal. I am trying to add a couple of effects to my fractal animation; one of which has to be done through the master track according to what I’ve read. That one is Audio Light Visualization. So far, SC has been much less problematic. Though it did take a bit to reload the file with 5772 images and an 8 minute audio track, but I’ve had no problems once it fully loaded. Thank you for your candor.

You should also try blender. That might be something worth to review.

Thank you very much. You are right Blender is worth a review and I have a video on Blender on the howtopam Youtube channel.

I do like Blender for big video projects, but honestly for all of my Youtube videos I have favored the use of Shotcut above all others. Yes howtopam videos are produced and edited with Shotcut. Though Shorcut has high memory usage and can crash with too many segments in a 1 hour video I have found a way to alli-eviate that crashing for the most part. On Linux operating systems when Shotcut throws a “memory too low” message I dump the first level cache memory to give Shotcut a few extra MB of ram and click the “ignore” message button. this is the Linux terminal command to dump the first level cache memory.
sync; echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
This command must be ran as administrator or with root privileges.
Thank you once again for your suggestions.


Afaik Blender is a 3d renderer and animation tool, not a video editor. You can compose videos out of the blender animation, but afaik you cant cut video clips or do anything a typical video editor can do. I was using cinema4d for 3d rendering (not too much animation although its capable of). Anyway blender surely is a great tool given that its free :wink:

Blender can be used as a video editor, but if you not is a hardcore blender user, then it feels very different and odd to use.

Blender is on my list to learn. However, as I understand from others who have learned how to use it, there is a bit of a learning curve. I have seen what it can do though and it is amazing.

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Yes it has a learning curve, the node system, it is the only thing that you need to master in, once you learn it, you will have the advance knowledge of blender. But as time goes by, you will easily understand the node system because it’s the most logical node system I have ever seen in a software.

And a good luck in learning blender. (Small tip, never rely on blender for video editing, it’s extremely unstable in that, rather use it for 3d and node layering)


Yeah, I used to use openshot, but I didn’t like some stuff in it like the weird ways it snapped and the lack of effects.

It’s continuously improving. It’s better now than it was six months ago from what I have seen and read.

I feel the same way as you do. Now I’m a big fan of Shotcut!

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Silly me. I forgot to put a link here so that you guys can view the final product. Here you go:

Thanks for your support! Stay safe and be well!