Shotcut out of memeory

now my computer is not that powerful. But I know for a fact that it is possible to optimize Shotcut cuz when I edit a project way too much

Shotcut just crashes (it gives me a warning by saying Shotcut out of memory [save, retry, ignore]

Now I can’t open my project anymore and I enabled proxy before using Shotcut for the first time wish helped a lot

is there a thing I can do to improve Shotcut performance?

What is your suggestion here? Wrong category.
What is you system, RAM?
Close any other application while running SC. Buy new RAM, computer.
Or make smaller, less demaning videos (not too much filters, size,…)

Maybe you can add some RAM with a flash disk? I don’t know if this will help but give it a try.

I was just saying if it’s possible to optimize shotcut

my laptop has 4 GB of ram

This is asked quite a bit, and is explained at the top of the FAQ

Work with a lower resolution video mode at the start of your project.
Settings - Video Mode - Non-Broadcast -

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Waw thanks, it did help alot Thank You

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