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I post today a message on this forum to ask you if it is possible in one way or another to optimize Shotcut by allocating more RAM to it. This is very important because my montages which are rather good qualities and my pc largely capable of running this software (it has 32 GB of RAM, a rysen 7 2700 x and an RTX 2060).

If you want pictures of my timeline tell me.

I know that on some other software such as Sony Vegas Pro 16, it is possible to modify the amount of RAM allocated to the software via a menu.
Would it be possible then to do the same thing on Shotcut, and if so how ?

Answer me quickly !

Thank you,

Fischer Leo


Je poste aujourd’hui un message sur ce forum afin de vous demander si il est possible d’une façon ou d’une autre d’optimiser Shotcut en lui allouant plus de RAM. Ceci est très important car mes montages qui sont plutôt de bonnes qualités et mon pc largement capable de faire tourner ce logiciel (il comporte 32 Go de RAM, un rysen 7 2700 x et une RTX 2060).

Si vous voulez des images de ma timeline dites le moi.

Je sais que sur certains autres logiciels comme par exemple Sony Vegas Pro 16, il y a possibilité de modifier la quantité de RAM alloué au logiciel via un menu.
Serait-il possible alors de faire la mĂŞme chose sur Shotcut, et si oui comment ?

RĂ©pondez moi vite !


Fischer LĂ©o

Shotcut doesn’t have any way to allocate ram directly but there are various ways you can improve performance overall. I’ve found dedicated source and destination drives(project on source, export to destination) have a beneficial effect on the export portion of the process as does the parallel processing option.
Beyond that there was recently a “preview scaling” option added image
(sidenote @shotcut was any testing done with a 1080p preview scaling option when working in 4k?)

I’m sure other users will have suggestions as well such as using hardware encoding where available(although that’s not without it’s side effects as well)

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