Shotcut opened an older file instead of the most recent one

I am using Shotcut 2022 July version on Windows 11 on a machine with intel i7 and 16GB RAM.
When I wanted to undo an accidental overlap of two video clips, it was not responding to the command. This has been usual in this version once the timeline exceeded about 10 min. I expected it to take its time and respond. But, Shotcut closed itself down, which had happened earlier too. About 5 min before the program showed ‘not responding’ I last saved my work by clicking on the save icon.
I opened Shotcut again and tried to open the file by selecting the file from where it is saved. As usual, it asked “Autosaved files exist. Do you want to open them now?” I clicked “Yes”. What it opened was the video at half its length without any narration etc. This was what the file looked like about three days ago!

  1. Is there any way I could recover the most recent version of my file? (It is only this old file listed in the recent list)
  2. What has gone wrong here? On previous occasions, it opened the most recently saved file.
  3. Why is Shotcut slowing down and struggling to undo some actions after about 10 min length on the timeline?
    Thank you.

Don’t use the autosaved version, which is stored temporarily in a different location and has the word “repaired” usually appended to the previous title. Try manually opening the actual file from where your project is located (the same one you presumably saved before shotcut closed down) by using file → open from inside shotcut.

And for future reference, save your project often with different names (to avoid this kind of pain). Better late than never!

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