Shotcut ( only) Freezing up

What is your operating system? Win10 Pro 64bit with latest drivers and 20H0? Update

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
its the very latest 64 bit version as os 4/27/20201

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
(Please be specific and use the names as seen in Shotcut, preferably English. Include a screenshot or screen recording if you can. Also, you can attach logs from either View > Application Log or right-click a job and choose View Log.)

I’m a very new user with only three days of experience and three new Shotcut videos under my belt… I come to you frustrated with the complexity of DaVinci Resolve and the stupidity of the AI in MAGIX Fastcut and Magistro but will go back to them if I must…

Here’s the main concern …

I have a pretty high end PC with 32GB of DDR3 and a 2700 Amd Ryzen 7 and a RTX 2060 Graphics card. … It works very reliably most of the time… but while using Shotcut it’s locked up and frozen with a white screen 5 times. once it did it after I’d invested 2 hours in edits… fortunately I went off and got a cup of coffee and 5 minutes later it came back to life, and I could then save my work.

So, More that the steep ( for me ) learning curve… I now wonder if it’s worth investing a lot of time learning to use this excellent tool… it’s its normal that it has this level of instability? There was no one particular thing I did to trigger it. so is it repeatable … not on request, no… it appears to be random.

I’m not quitting yet but
is there a way to make it auto-save a backup every 5 minutes or so?
Is there anything I should do to try to fixit?

Thanks JimS

Try this to minimize the load on your CPU

Hi Ben,
Fancy meeting you here… :slight_smile:
Thanks for trying to help!
Yes I did actually follow your tutorial and did set up these proxy flies so the editing speed is I’d say “buttery smooth” as advertised… But before I did stumble upon that cool set of tips you posted in this tutorial… I had been doing other things and my PC froze a couple times, and also it did so after these Proxy settings were added too… so I think it’s something else that’s going on…

So far it hasn’t frozen today on this forum :0 and I have a lot of FAQ’s to go thru … so we’ll see…
Thanks Again Ben

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No worries! Glad it solved some problems

Are the media files on an external USB drive that is going to sleep to save power? External or not, a sleepy drive can cause this behavior. I have some WD DataCenter Gold’s that take about 10 seconds to spin up, and any application waiting on data from them just hangs.

That’s a good tip and would be a definitely be a possibility but for the fact that in my system, the Shotcut Application and project App Data are on a fast M2 NVME, and the initial Imports are coming in to them from a 6Gb SATA SSD that’s received a data transfer from the SD Card prior to the editing, Thanks

If/When it happens again bring up Task Manager (CTRLALTDEL) and check the Performance tab to see what is using Memory and CPU. Is it Shotcut or something else?

Ok the Freeze happened again and I captured some screen grabs of it just now… it doesn’t seem to be CPU or GPU utilization// This time I was just trying to learn how to use a “Mask Filter from File” and I had simply selected two clips just prior, and wanted to see if this is what I would do to transition between then using one of the "161? " different transitions… (I just watched a demo of these in cool tutorial) Anyway as soon as I selected the Filter it locked up Fastcut… and what is just as weird after 8 minutes it was still locked this way and so I decided to simply Click on my MS Outlook e-mail icon and check my e-mail… and instantly that freed Fastcut just as if it was before Outlook launched…
Here’s some TaskMAnager dumps:

I don’t really know what to suggest I’m afraid. I just tried to replicate what you did and had no problems.

Have you tried rebooting you system?

Sometimes for inexplicable things like this, I would do a clean uninstall, then do a full install. I don’t know what it does, but it usually flushes any legacy issues.

Are the files on your computer, or synced with Google?

Do you get the same with Antimalware programs turned off?

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Yes, but I’ll try reboot it more often …

Hi Ben
Ok I’ll try uninstall and re-installing Shotcut … but dang … I’ll likely have to re-set up your Proxy settings if I do.

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@Hudson555x:: The video data files were saved earlier a couple days prior using Google Backup and Sync but when editing they were read in from a local NMVE M2 Drive on the motherboard. I don’t really want to disable the MalwareBytes but will if this Freezing up problem persists I’ll try that. I want to invest more time into learning it tho I totally suck at it now I see the power and potential in Shotcut … but if I can’t run it reliably I’ll have to move on. Thanks for trying to help me thru this. by the way I’ve been running several other programs many times concurrently and haven’t seen anything freezing up like this for a while. At least I seem to have Kybd and mouse and can launch and run the TaskManager when it locks up… :rofl::joy:

@Hudson555x, @Elusien, @bentacular
Ok so it locked up again after removing then reinstalling Shotcut and starting a new project , at a point about 40 minutes into it and editing a dozen clips, as I went to add a RichText title, it locked up. Then after UN-loading several background apps, launching and closing Outlook, and taking some screen grabs, watching Task Manager lock up into a non-responding state too… none of it helped, so I then shutdown MalwareBytes, ( that wasn’t it) and then I Stopped Google Backup and Sync… As I closed that Backup and Sync app the Shotcut un-froze itself… so, I saved the .mlt and re-started the PC… the .mlt /video I was working on was fine…So, I then made sure Google Backup and Sync ( alone) was shutdown and am working on another video with all else re-enabled, now hoping that it alone is causing the conflict and the lockups… Will advise… arent computer fun? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


A quick update, seems like making sure that my Google Backup and Sync app is shut down before I start a session really helps :star_struck: :stuck_out_tongue: … I spent an hour creating and rendering a video without a crash just now and I’m very happy to report that it didn’t lockup again this time so I think that app was a major factor… not sure why, but I’m not arguing with success. If it can do this a few more times I’ll be convinced Shotcut is useable on my machine… I really do like what I’ve seen so far in Shotcut and will keep practicing.

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hi @jims123, I’m joining a little late to this discussion, but I had all sorts of problems with Shotcut when I first started too. I had to disable seemingly random apps not related to Shotcut just like you are experiencing.

After changing this setting it fixed it for me:

No idea if that will help you - but it might do :smiley:

@UbitronicsUK Hi Joe, 1st offf, thank you for your many excellent beginner tutorials… I’ve learned a lot from them, as well as learned that if I don’t practice the techniques straight away … I tend to forget them just as fast… :slight_smile: I’m going to stick with the DirectX hardware encoding cause I tried the OpenGL option , and on my system it seems a bit slower… and although Shotcut keeps freezing up occasionally lately once per day) … it’s always been temporary, in other words… I can still control the keyboard /mouse, check TaskManager and run other apps while the Shotcut screen is frozen with an hourglass for a cursor, with an opaque-white overlay over the project work area… but if I wait a while, generally within 2 to 10 minutes, it fully recovers and I just save my project and move on. I was hoping that updating to the latest 21.05.01 version would help…, as well as unloading other background apps 1st but it hasn’t. When it happens both CPU and GPU utilization is very low but the MEMORY utilization has skyrocketed way up over 50% of the 32GB of DDR…

I’ve noticed some quirky behavior when it comes to Shotcut though nothing on par with what you’re seeing.

So while I can’t speak to that particular issue I can say that if you have any issues with Shotcut’s learning curve – I wouldn’t call it “steep” more than “peculiar” then post your questions here because I’m sure there’re people who’ll help you through whatever.

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