Shotcut only exports half of my timeline

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with exporting my timeline.

My timeline is 09:30 minutes, but every time I try to export it only exports 5:20 minutes of my timeline. It does export the video normally, but it just won’t export the whole 10 minutes.

I have already tried to;

  1. save it under a different name
  2. copy and paste it in a new file
  3. set a marker for the whole video and export the marker

I don’t know what is going wrong. I would love to get some help!

Thank you in advance.

In the Export tab, did you make sure that Timeline (i.e. the whole video) is selected?

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Yes I did, that’s what makes it so strange unfortunately

Could you please post a screenshot your entire Shotcut window showing all tracks with the timeline zoomed to fit. 0

Be aware of the timecode window is of this format HH:MM:SS:FF (FF= Frames of your video mode FPS)

Thank you both for replying; here is a screenshot. In the jobs bar you see the problem: the video is only 5:10.

:slight_smile: That is how long it took to execute the export. Double-click the Job to open the exported video inside Shotcut, and you can see its duration in Properties or after the timecode field below the player.


Ah wauw, after it exported 5 minutes the first time, I just started looking at that number. Thank you so much haha!


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