Shotcut on the BIG screen!

Some of you will know that I use Shotcut to create videos to accompany my flute compositions.

There’s a pro flutist (flautist) guy in Taiwan who likes to perform my music in public and he performs in front of a huge video screen, playing along to the backing track that I put on my videos.

He sent me this short video of him preparing for a concert. Thought I’d share. I was amazed at the size of that screen! Does anyone know what size that must be? Incredible!

Interestingly the images from the video look fine on the huge screen despite only being rendered with a video mode of 1920 x 1080.


Congratulation! You’re a star in Taiwan now :slight_smile::+1:

Could it be a projection? I think projectors now can be placed at weird angles from the screen and also very close to the screen.

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Thank you! First Taiwan, then the world… MWHA HA HA… :smile:

Maybe. Good idea. If only he’d shown me more of the ceiling… :wink:

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From the subject line I thought you might be referring to this movie in Pakistan that I recently discovered. :laughing:

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Oh , wow, that’s amazing! Did they edit it with Shotcut? :laughing:

I do not know, and I wonder what the meaning of “Shotcut” is in their culture or any other outside of a video editor.

FYI The story is a situational comedy that follows two lovers who are also low-tier theatre actors and have never been in the spotlight. The film sees them resuming their lives after a 20-year gap, from the age of cheap theatre to a time where social media reigns supreme.

“However,” director Abu Aleeha stated, “don’t expect any deep-rooted message from this film. It would be most gracious of you if you can deduce one, and I’d like to thank you for it, but the film is a mindless romp.”

I guess it means actors who are concealed (cut) from the spotlight of popularity (shot, as in, for example, paparazzi shooting photographs).

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