Shotcut on low end laptop?

hello guys… im new here /sorry for my terrible english/
i using low end laptop , something like a Intel R Pentium 2.3GHz , 8GB RAM
and im wondering can i create a “AMV” videos for youtube without problem (i mean no 100% CPU usage) … because i trying other video editing softwares and the final result was 100% usage :frowning:

and if the answer is “yes” what kind of video encoding settings i need to use?
or what program settings i need to activate or deactivate?

Thank you first! :slight_smile:

As a rule you’re going to see 100% usage unless your system is large enough that either
A. the software can’t scale to your full resources
B. your video is small enough that it’s done before the system spins up to 100%
100% usage isn’t a bad thing at all unless you’re trying to use the laptop for other things during the export. I’ve run far smaller systems than a recent pentium(8gb ram means it’s one of the core based models at least) during export tests without issue at 4k.
Regarding AMV, youtube would generally prefer h264 mp4 files which shotcut will export using the youtube preset.

so … its not big deal if my cpu is on 100% during the export?

and do you have any way to change preview quality because its kinda laggy too :frowning:

OP is referring to type of video content, not container. I had to google AMV, lol.

Click YouTube preset, then export. I use the YouTube preset all of the time and it works great.

A little bit of advice: Go through all of the tutorials before starting your project. Do trial runs before committing to a video project.

CPU at 100% is a great thing. The harder it works, the faster it will finish. If it only used 20% CPU, you’d be waiting 5 times as long for it to finish.

If you want to use the laptop for other tasks while an export is happening, you can use Task Manager to right-click Shotcut in the Details tab (or qmelt depending on how it’s labeled) and set its priority to Low. Shotcut will now yield to other programs if they need CPU.

CPU at 100% on a laptop will generate a good deal of heat. When I used to render on a laptop, I would set it on a cooling base to help with heat stress. I didn’t use this exact model, but it will give you an idea.

thank you all for the help!

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