Shotcut on Jeopardy! TV Show

My Google Search Alert surfaced this I am re-posting from Reddit. Wild!

Shotcut is free, open-source software for this sort of video professional


I give up. What’s the question? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

How cool is that?? :slight_smile:
I tried to find a video of this. No luck so far.

Do you know if they actually used it the game?

Not sure what you mean. In the J! Archive link, it says Andy asked the correct question, “an editor” when you mouse over the dollar amount in the cell. (I think that site does not strictly adhere to the question format.)

If I remember correctly, they don’t use all the squares in a round. So I was wandering if someone actually picked that one. I didn’t know you could hover the mouse over a square to see more details. Cool.

I got the episode and clipped the part when Shotcut comes up.

You can see it here. :sunglasses:

Congratulations! Shotcut is making waves, landing on both TV and in a movie (Deep Blue Sea 3)! Let that inspire you to keep the development going strong!


Woo hoo - that’s great!! Well done, @shotcut @brian and the team!! :smiley: :+1:

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… so no royalties for developers. Arrghhh! :sleepy: .But great exposure. :+1:

Thanks for sharing that! That was really fun to see.

This is awesome! Congrats guys!