Shotcut on HP Probook 6460b in Ubuntu 22.04

Model: HP PROBOOK 6460B
CPU: i7-2860qm (2.5ghz-3.6ghz)
Ubuntu 22.04 (year 2022, month April)
I been having issues regarding opening a new video track, it causes it to crash and I do not know how to obtain the logs. I upload Obs videos to the track but still crashes regardless if video is opened or not. Need to cut the video just a 1 minute short but it crashes the minute I open a new video track

Side note, Graphics card is integrated graphics called ‘Intel Graphics 3000’

You did not state your Shotcut version and since this is Linux we need to know what package you are using (i.e. AppImage, portable, snap, Flatpak). I do not reproduce the problem. More thank likely you are using an old package provided by the Linux distribution that we do not support.