Shotcut not working


I just got a new computer and I am trying to get shotcut. I have downloaded it but whenever I try to enter shotcut, it doesn’t load up. I have a windows 10 computer and an intel I5. can someone please help me?


That is not descriptive enough. What happens exactly? If a window opens, but there is a problem/error show a screenshot. If the Shotcut window opens but you have a problem using it, try changing Settings > Display Method to DirectX and restart to see if it helps.


When I try to load it up, it says loading plugins and then it doesn’t do anything after that


Please try this slightly older version here:


Also, have a look in Shotcut’s log file to see if there is anything untoward reported.



I would personally just re-install shotcut, regardless of version. the installer has a feature to remove old files and replace them, which may solve corrupted files.