Shotcut not responding when cutting playhead

Hello, I have an i7 8700 cpu, and a nvidia 2060 super gpu. Windows 10 x64 runs off a 1tb M.2 third Gen Nvme, with an 1tb SSD and a 1tb harddrive that I use to store all the recordings and clips. I have used shotcut to edit a few 4k mp4 recordings of iron harvest and some other games successfully, but it at the cost of very time consuming patience. It always does respond after i split a playhead and have to wait awhile for it to respond to continue. This has been getting worse, and most of these videos are 30mins to an hour long. So what happens when I have longer recording sessions? I record from OBS on 3840x2160, 60 fps. Even just skipping the playhead to other sections and clicking play is a process. Any ideas? I like shotcut, Ive learned it. I dont want to have to learn another program. When I drag an mp4 video recorded on obs to shotcut, sometimes it will crash as well. Reopen it, some times it will take it just fine or it will crash again. Ultimately just taking it just fine after a third or forth attempt. I just opened it again to check the version I am on, and just clicking a previous job I was working on made it not respond for 20 seconds. It says I am running the latest version of shotcut. 20.07.11 any help is much obliged!

Edit: Simply clicking on my audio file to switch to it, to split the playhead in the same spot as the video file, takes a good 10 seconds. Right clicking on a section to remove it does as well.

Hi @iGoinsane1124,
Did you try the Proxy editing and Preview scaling tools? This will no doubt speed things considerably.

I agree with @MusicalBox recommendations but also the next version improves timeline performance with respect to waveforms and thumbnails. For today, you can turn off audio waveforms when you do not need it to improve speed.

I will try these out. Thanks much!

Not sure I am doing the proxy right. and it takes like 2 hours to make it into a proxy… So I kinda went against that. It isnt as choppy today for some reason. I also scaled down my preview, but that just makes the preview look better on framerates. I am now trying to do a voice over on a video. I click open other. Click audio/video device. turn video input to none. click okay with my microphone selected. It takes a couple seconds then shows it under properties, gotta select none on video input once again, as it has selected my capture card again. No issue. However it becomes an issue selecting none again. It crashes Shotcut. So I cant even do a voice over. Some files will crash it as well, while theyre the same files it has taken before just fine. Gotta reboot it and hope it takes the file, which normally doesnt happen until the 3rd or 4th restart. I have nothing but issues with this program, so I am unfortunately going to have to try a different one and learn that one. My computer is well more than capable of handling this.

Have you tried putting your source video on M.2 drive to see how Shotcut responds?

Do you mean transfer the videos that I will be editing into the m.2 and dragging them into shotcut from there? (shotcut is installed on the m.2) That is worth a try I suppose. I am going to try filmora, but obviously keep Shotcut, I would like to try it again after the new version releases.

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