Shotcut not opening

Hello, I am currently having an issue with Shotcut not opening whatsoever on my computer, but it seems to open fine on my laptop, despite running the same version of Windows and running the latest update of the software. When I try to open Shotcut, my mouse will have a loading symbol on it, which is normal, however it lasts longer. After ~10 seconds, it goes away and Shotcut doesn’t open. When I open Task Manager, it says that Shotcut is running in the background, with exactly 6.2 MB of CPU usage and 0% of everything else, and it stays this way until I end it’s process.

I have reinstalled the software 3 times, to no improvement, even when clearing the registry. I have updated my GPU drivers as well, to no avail.
My hardware is as follows:
Intel Core i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00 GHz x-64 based
12 GB of DDR4 RAM
Windows 10 Home version 1903 build 18362.476 64-bit
Edit: forgot to mention, I also have a GTX-1050 GPU

Reboot and try again, but keep in mind nearly every computer is different - not just hardware but espeically software environment. It may not work (but I think it should with a GTX 1050). Recently, some others reported a similar problem. For one, a reboot worked.

I do have a GTX 1050, too. But no problems.

I’ve had this issue for quite a long time, about 2 weeks, and I shut down my PC every night before bed and restart it every now and then. Reboots don’t work, as even now a day later after a reboot it still does not work, same CPU usage and no opening.

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