Shotcut no available memory FIX!

Shotcut is saying no available memory when I’m editing. I believe I have enough RAM storage but it still pops up. I tried to also use an external hard drive but the message popped up after a minute on the editor

Well that seems strange but once check your ram again by right pressing and clicking properties in the menu.

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It says 4GB but I checked the program specs and it should be fine

Re-downloading could help and if doesn’t reply freely to me.

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4 GB of RAM is not really much for a bigger project with highres footage! Also consider closing any apps you dont need open at the same time.

Is 4 GB the total RAM of your system or the free available RAM?

Even the last is not much in some cases.

It worked! Thank you sooo much!

I know it’s not much but I have also 1TB of storage on my laptop so i dunno why it was doing that :woman_shrugging:t4:

disk storage doesn’t matter really, but available RAM is crucial! SC needs working memory for doing the job :slight_smile:

So mark my reply containing answer as solution.

It should look like this.

Before you reinstalled Shotcut, did you try restarting your computer?

After restarting the computer and just using Shotcut, with no other programs open, can help with computers with low physical memory. Along with turning off all anti-virus programs.

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Well, Thanks @Hudson555x I actually forgot this could also help because I posted re-downloading while I was going to sleep and was feeling very sleepy so my mind was not working that well.

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