Shotcut new version 18.12.23


Hello Forum,
In the new version, the “Advanced” window is not resizeable (as it the 18.11.18 version), so it covers most of the “Presets” window. Dragging it to the right makes the “Preview” window smaller.
Also once or twice program crashed when dragging a video clip into the “Playlist” window.


Works fine for me on Windows 10 (1809)
Version 18.12.23


Don’t stack the export window.
Click and drag back into place.


When I put a transparent PNG on a higher track and the lower tracks are empty, the background now appears to be white as opposed to black as it was previously. I can overcome this by placing a black background on the lower screen. Not so much a bug as a change I wasn’t expecting.


The “Advanced” window is not resized, just able to move. In previous version it could be resized. I will try to upload the small video I made to show you.Its in a zip file.Shotcut (2.5 MB)

By the way, system is 1709 64 bit.