Shotcut Modifys the Audio?!?!?

I use audacity to change the frequency (“pitch” or “tune”) of the music I use

And I’m not sure if shotcut changes something
But I feel like it does
Even tho before exporting the video I always make sure that the audio settings ( export/advance/Audio tab) are exactly the same as the audio file

And there is other thing that confuses me

My audio “Overall bit rate” is on 1 411kb/s

But on shotcut I can go as far as 640kb/s
And the maximum is “1M” Now idk it it’s ok to
Type 1.411M
Cuz its exactly what I typed

I would appreciate someone’s help


Can you elaborate?

Can you post a screenshot of this tab with the settings you use? 1,411 sounds like WAV format, but the rest of the message sounds like non-WAV settings.

Its is a wav format
im trying to make sure that shotcut wont change something while rendering the video

idk if im doing it right
Screenshot from 2020-12-04 09-53-20

For WAV files, the pcm_s16le codec does not actually use the bitrate setting, so it does not need to be set. WAV is uncompressed, so bitrate is entirely determined by sample rate, bit depth, and channel count. Shotcut does not change the user interface to reflect how each codec works. It simply provides generic settings that may or may not apply. The exported file will be the same size regardless of the bitrate specified. As long as the export settings match the source file settings in terms of bit depth and sample rate, the export should be practically identical to the source.

16 bits per sample * 44100 samples per second * 2 channels = 1,411,200 bits per second = 1,411 kb/s

It looks like you have the right settings.

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Thanks For Clearing this out
btw i typed 1.411M is that right
or i should type 1,411M

with the “,”

My entire point was that it doesn’t matter. It isn’t used. You could type “I’m the queen of England” and the file size would be the same.

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ye i know. Thanks for replying tho

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