Shotcut messing up audio at the end of video/audio export?

I am trying to export a project I am working on (it is an image overlaying a song), but I’m facing a recurring issue. The song in question ends pretty abruptly, which causes the exported file to “mess up” at the end, a kind of glitch. This glitch is not audible in the editor, mind you… I have also made exports of the same song without video, but as a .WAV file instead, and I don’t remember this glitch being present. Anyway, this is what I am working with.


  • .JPEG, 691 KB
  • .WAV 148 MB


  • FFV1 video
  • FLAC audio
  • 60 FPS video
  • 44100Hz, 128k b/s audio

Exported File

  • 21.8 GB
  • .MKV (matroska) container file

The best I can describe this anomaly, is that it sounds like the last few frames of the audio get played twice instead of once and then silence. This is what the waveforms look like both before and after exporting.

That’s all the information I got on this subject. Does anyone know what might be happening here, and more importantly, how to fix it?

You said “recurring”. Did you try exporting this file multiple times?

I have seen in some other threads where users said “parallel processing” sometimes affects the exported video.
Do you have “parallel processing” enabled while exporting? If it is, uncheck it and then try to export again. See if that works.

Try removing the fade-out filters and export to see if the repetition happens again. Sometimes the fade filters can get wonky if a lot of clip split/merge activity happens. Delete and reapply usually fixes it, if that is the actual problem here.

I have tried exporting multiple times, yes. I have also found out that if I edit the .MKV file after I export it, I can more easily mute the glitch. I have concerns about it making the quality worse if I double-export though… Since I am using FLAC and FFV1 (both lossless), do you know if quality would worsen at all?

I have not heard of parallel processing, but that sounds promising. I’ll try turning it off to see what happens.

I checked to see if I had parallel processing turned on, and I did not. That isn’t the probelm, unfortunately.

I added the fade out to try and cope with the issue. It sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t depending on where I place it. The glitch is definitely more noticeable without fade out though.

In the screenshot of the Before clip, there is more green bar after the fade-out. Normally, more green bar means more audio. I would expect a different color if the track was empty from that point on. What happens after the fade-out?

After the fade-out is a muted section. I put the mute filter over it to remove any extra unwanted audio that might be there. I’m not sure if that helped any, though.

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