Shotcut Linux 24.04.28 flatpak doesn't keep projects history

What is your operating system?
I’m using OpenSuse Leap 15.6 - stable.
Shotcut installed from flathub

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?

After installing, the program works properly for about a week.
For several days now, the history of projects has been disappearing after starting - the program can be closed properly or with kill - the effect is the same.

After the next run, only the last project is there.

The projects are still on disk in the selected directory. Trying to select project folders does not add them to the list.

Loading a single project is possible without any problems.

Access rights to the directories are correct, the disk is permanently added to the system.


flatpak installed in system:

Logs - paste bin

I am not seeing this. Maybe you are opening many files. The Recent Projects view is a filtered subset (project files onl) of the Recent view. Only the 100 most recently opened files are remembered. I use “files” here literally–all files, not just projects.

Is your Recent panel full? Use its search function to filter the list on “.mlt”

“Recent Projects” is not all projects.

The problem is that even with 5 “recent projects” they are deleted and only the last one used remains. the rest disappear from the history as if they were not there before, even though they are on the disk, as can be seen in the screenshot. as if the program had forgotten where or even that they were used. program settings, appearance, everything is ok. sometimes one run is enough, sometimes it happens after 3 or 4 times. Only the flatpak version has this effect. all other programs in the system, gimp and others remember the history of open files.

Sry for late replay. Im screwed little. Problem exist when flatpak have updates. so history is cleared when shotcut have flatpak update not a exiting.

Second thing - From 24.04 version creating proxy with Nvidia Envenc dont work. In 24.06 thiss issue exist. Final encoding works well with envenc.

I have not experienced that. I think that is a problem specific to your system, and I do not believe this is something in our developers’ control.

creating proxy with Nvidia Envenc dont work

I reproduced that. The ffmpeg execution is failing (see job log) with:
free(): invalid size
Failed with exit code 6

at the very end of what looks like success, otherwise. Like it succeeded and then just had a problem closing itself. When I run the same command line using the ffmpeg build from our portable, which is working despite the same versions, the next line in the output should have been
[hevc_nvenc @ 0x55e5d6f73d40] Nvenc unloaded

One big difference is that gcc 9 is used to build the portable/AppImage/Snap, and gcc 13 for Flatpak.