Shotcut leaking memory on close in latest build

The latest version 18.03.06 has quite a major bug on Windows 7 64bit OS. I’ve reproduced this a couple of times now, shotcut goes crazy after closing with a mlt file open in it and starts leaking memory and remains an active process if you bring up Task Manager. I discovered it as I heard my hard drive go crazy and saw it using 2,000,000K and rising.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Close the editor, with an open file via the red x in the top right corner saving change when shotcut asks.
  2. Observe Shotcut disappears from the Windows task bar
  3. Open Task Manager using Control+Alt+Delate

Shotcut will still be active in the task manager and increasing it’s memory use

It doesn’t occur, if you close the active.mlt file via the drop down menu File > Close and shut down shotcut then when you just have a new unedited untitled file open or if you just open then close shutcut. As soon as you load in a .mlt file that’s when the issue happens.

No reply from developers this is a major issue in this build. Needs fixing if not already address.

I have not been able to reproduce it. It probably depends on what is in your project. For example, HTML-based filters does incur some additional web runtime bits that are more difficult to manage, but I just tested with 3D Text on Windows 10 (Windows 7 not convenient) with v18.03.06 and did not reproduce it. A patch from someone is welcome.

Well it’s fixed in the latest build and having double checked appears fixed after 18.03.06. Must have been linked to something that was also quickly fixed. Note this issue occurred with no filters or anything running, just a straight video, a pure Windows 7 memory.

Fixed in latest build, so this thread can be closed.