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When I go to the Shotcut to download the latest version, there are all shorts of green buttons to hit for a download. These look very suspicious! I have Windows 10 Home (full version) 64-bit. Can someone direct me to the proper “spot” to download the latest version?

I am trying this because it appear that I cannot export my completed video correctly. The file is saved and when I go to open it, I get an error. “Can’t play This file isn’t playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt. 0xc00d36c4 Send feedback Close”.

I can’t even delete the 2 files (1 was renamed thinking I did something wrong the first time); I get the following message when trying to delete the file. “File in use the action can’t be completed because the file is open in qmelt close the file and try again etc., etc. …”.

I am using the free version and beginning to wonder if this was just a ploy to get me to use Shotcut. Would someone please help? I hate to start over using another free software.

Downloads are available from here:

The highlighted links above are the options for your system.
You have 3 options:

  • Download from FossHub: this displays all the available downloads on FossHub’s Shotcut page, but selects and downloads the one you’ve chosen for you.
  • Download from GitHub: this downloads directly from GitHub, and does not redirect you to the GitHub site.
  • Purchase from the Microsoft Store: this allows you to purchase Shotcut from the Microsoft Store, and is updated automatically when a new version is released.

Note that all of these are identical versions of Shotcut, with the cost on the Microsoft Store being in place for marketing reasons. See here for more information on those reasons:

Now, relating to your issue with the file being unplayable - ensure the file has an extension when exporting, such as .mp4. See here for an extra explanation about exporting:

When trying to delete the file, ensure you’ve closed Shotcut prior to trying to delete the file.

To sub piggy back off what @GordC has posted…

FossHub & GitHub are two very trusted sources to download files.
What Gord has posted is the official download link for Shotcut.
Has not changed since I started using it over a year ago now.
Just because it’s not a polished or fancy site doesn’t mean it can’t be trusted.

Thanks for your replies and please forgive my terse, first time post.

I found my problem. I did not realize that it takes a lot of time for the file to save. I have been closing the Shotcut software before the file finished downloading. The job area in the upper right is very small and I did not notice the % notification.

As for the “green buttons”, perhaps I was on a fake site. It certainly looked like the same site that I went to this morning with the link you provided. This link did work and I now have the latest version. The difference is that the green buttons were not in evident. Some additional background - I ended up downloading Filmora for the 3rd time which is what angered me in the first place. I had previously downloaded Filmora twice and removed it twice, thinking I was on the Shotcut website. I have removed it but unfortunately there are remnants still remaining which hopefully is not a problem. I used the GitHub site this time just because I was having problems with the other previously.

Also, I was closing shotcut before attempting to remove the files. Either turning the computer off last night or downloading the latest version this morning allowed me to remove the files. The qmelt thing puzzles me but I don’t have that issue anymore so am not currently worried about it.

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