Shotcut keeps deleting <Text> keyframe start and end and position

This has been so frustrating.

I have overlays defined on the one video track I have.
I use these to blur out sensitive info.

If I do anything, Shotcut loses either the position/size of the text box or else it will lose the keyframe start and end position and just resets them back to start of track and end of track.


From your images, you have the filter on V1, the whole video track, not an individual clip.

Yes that was my intention.

First, test with the latest version 18.10 that was released last night. You did not specify a version, and there were some fixes in this area in the past 2 versions. Also, “overlays… blur out” by using a Text filter is a very strange use case, and your screenshots do not illustrate it well. Explain how you are trying to accomplish that. For example, are you trying to use space characters and a certain color? If the new version does not help, you need to either supply steps or attach your project file.

just checked with newest version and issue didn’t occur with test video.

with that, here is a (much more basic) sample video i just created to showcase something similar to what i was trying to do (use the text filter to blur out “sensitive” info on screen.) the editing is v. rough and is just to illustrate the ‘why’.

unedited raw footage: (0:58 length)
final edited version: (0:29 length)
editing process: (11:34 length)

i didn’t have OBS set to capture mouse cursor for editing video. also that video can safely be watched faster than 1x speed on youtube.

Yes, that screencast video confirms exactly what I suspected was happening. :slight_smile: Thanks for clearing that up and glad it’s working for you now.

had issue on latest up-to-date version where if i had multiple text filters on v1, then split a couple of seconds before the end, then deleted that last clip,then (just) the first text filter would reset it’s end position(which was nowhere near the split point (as in it was >60 seconds before it))

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