Shotcut just exports audio in a strange ".xdp_name.VXML80" file

Linux System, Shortcut 21.06.29

I have edited a video in Shortcut and now I want to export it - under jobs it shows me the export as mp4 - but exported is a file named “.xdp_name_individual letters and numbers”. For example: .xdp_Interview.S3TK80.
These files contain only the audio but not the image track - the image is just black.

The file isn’t big and there are no effects jet.

I have already tried various settings but nothing works. What can be the reason for this?

Thank you very much!

How do you know Shotcut made that file? I do not recognize this pattern as anything resembling a Shotcut-generated file. When you export you need to give Shotcut the name. Why not tell us that name and look for that file?

I gave it the name “Interview” the rest is what shortcut does - everytime I want to exprot a file. I tried it like 20 times with different export settings. Im always getting this strange files. With the name I gave the file in the folder i choosed.

From where have you downloaded your shotcut installation, from MS store, Shotcut download page, github, or from some other place.

From Linux AppCenter.

I tried it on a windows pc now and it worked - seems to be a linux problem :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I am not a bug professional, neither a linux professional. I rarely even use linux, so I can’t tell much about AppCenter, but it as it is from AppCenter, it should work because it’s an official installation not from a third party unknown website. I don’t know the AppCenter one is originally from shotcut or not, but it should work normally.

Maybe you find something here:-

These are some dependencies according to the download page of shotcut on linux:-

Linux Distro Package Dependencies

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