Shotcut just broken! simple that!

Guys, after the new att my shotcut don’t open, simple. He crash and close, ALONE. And I really need edit a lot of video. Anyone can help me? please.

Oh, i forgot. The SC is open and show a message “click here to download a new version”, BUT he is in a new version, because I unistall and install a 10 times lol

Please, I really need help.

Can you provide any more information about the crash? Does the main window show at all? Does it crash before you open a file or after? Have you tried to open a different file?

Ok. Step by step.

  1. I click to open
  2. Then show me loading plugins
  3. He open normally
  4. After 10 seconds them crash
  5. Just close.

I try made a video

See? Just close.

PS: My ShotCut in portuguese btw

There might be some hints in the application log. You can find the log in:
You can post that here for us to look at.

Also, it might be worth trying to delete your entire application directory. You can delete the folder:
If you do that, all your settings will be deleted and any presets you may have saved will be gone.

Run the windows installer. On the last screen there is a check box to remove the registry settings. Click that to turn it on and complete installing.

Brian thank you so much to your attention, but shotcut solved my problem hehe I just needed mark the box to remove registry settings. Thanks guys.

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