Shotcut ist von einem auf den anderen Tag schlecht geworden!

Ich war immer zufrieden mit Shotcut, bis heute…
Ich wollte an meinem Video weiter arbeiten an dem ich seit 5 Tagen jeden Tag 3 Stunden daran gearbeitet habe und als ich die .mlt Datei geöffnet habe war es einfach wieder die anfangs Datei wie vor 5 Tagen. Ich habe Shotcut direkt deinstalliert und möchte euch nur helfen damit euch nicht das selbe passiert bitte gebt acht.
Für mich ist Shotcut an dieser Stelle auf jeden Fall gestorben.
Liebe Grüsse Slaegi_HD

I’ve never had Shotcut do this to me. The moral of the story is always to make a backup of your data. I use SyncBackFree to backup my work each evening (it takes 2 minutes). That way if a file gets deleted or “mangled” (usually by something I myself have done) I don’t lose too much work. It also means that if ever my system gets infected by “ransomware”, it won’t matter as I have an up-to-date(-ish) copy of my data on a removable disk.

I have also some “funny”… :grinning:

Normally I use “Latest Projects” to “switch” between my current video (in work) and e.g. the Outro. Last, I had finished the Outro, I also opened “Latest projects” and I wanted to open again my current video, IIRC Hope-And-Glory-05.mlt…, and it wasn’t there! Really!
I watched again and again…, not there in the list! And it should be the second entry, of course…
I quit Shotcut, opened it again…and voila, the current MLT was there in the list again.
:thinking: ? I do not know, if I had overlooked it…, do not know. It was there (again).

Best regards :grinning:

I do not think this is a valid bug. Shotcut already automatically saves a hidden backup within 30 seconds after a change. That backup is located and checked when the project is reopened. Even if you did not save the project after much time and work (very bad idea) after Shotcut crashes, it offers to restore from an auto-saved backup. This all works good, but we cannot completely prevent you from shooting yourself in your foot. Maybe you quit Shotcut without saving.

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