Shotcut isn't showing anything?

windows 7 64 bit

221221 for 64 bit and 180602

i try to open files and it doesn’t show in playlist so i drag them and it shows and the whole time the audio is just playing no video and i can’t see anything in timeline it was working fine idk what happened so i downloaded the latest verison and it didn’t work and an older verison and it didn’t work either

Have a look at the suggestions in this FAQ: Shotcut - Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully changing the display method will help.

Also, I think that some people have had success by making sure their video card driver is the right driver, and making sure it is up to date.

OpenGL 2 is not working on your system, and Shotcut requires it. The next major version of Shotcut will not require it but also will not run on Windows 7.

I checked on the driver it’s the latest and I don’t know but it says here opengl verison 6

it has this directx verison

this is the web installer

i tried changing display modes as well changing them doesn’t do anything except for the mesa option it makes shotcut crash and then everytime i open it , it crashes over and over and i have to reinstall shotcut to just open it.

Ok then it’s just incompatible with your system, and I do not know how to fix it for yours. Everywhere there is a big black box in your screenshot is where it is using OpenGL, and it works on all of my (7) systems across three OS including one Windows 7.

that’s just sad , thank you for caring tho

i opened an app that i just downloaded and it didn’t want to work, it said it requires 32 bit colors, so i changed the monitor settings and then it came to my head maybe that’s what’s wrong with shotcut and it was it now works.

Thanks for responding with your solution! That confirms it was unrelated to Shotcut.

It isn’t always possible to debug specific system issues when there is very little known about the system in question (I’m not just talking hardware specifications and OS). When running a legacy OS such as Windows 7, expect software support to be extremely limited (as in … none).