Shotcut is not closing process

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Often, when I open and close shotcut, I still have a running process of shotcut.exe in my task manager. It does not disapear, even after waiting for a long time.
I’m using Windows 10 1709 and Shotcut 18.06.02.

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I’ve seen this from time to time also.
Also sometimes (randomly without any pattern to the occurrence) Shotcut will take up to one minute to start and freeze the computer in the meantime. No other application does this.

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This tends to happen when using the HTML-based effects. Sorry. Not an easy fix.

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I’ve never used HTML effects…

I reported something related in the linked thread concerning 18.05.08 which still occurs with 18.06.02:

I’ve also never used html effects in anything I’ve done.

Since I made the thread I have noticed one thing about when it occurs. It often happens randomly, but the one set of circumstances which almost always causes it is when I have mistakenly had two instances of SC open at once. When I close the unwanted one down, the desired instance is crippled - no sound on timeline playback, and very slow, stuttering video playback. Once I shutdown the shotcut process in task manager, which is often consuming 90%+ of my CPU resources, everything runs normally again.


I’m just updating to version 18.07.02. During the update I got an error, that the installer is not able to write a file (Qt5-something.dll). Cause of the issue: Shotcut was still running… After closing shotcut.exe through the taskmanager I was able to update.

I updated Shotcut to 18.08.14 recently and I still experiencing the issue from time to time.
The issue seams to come together with another issue: From time to time, when I start Shotcut and I open a file in the source panel, the video starts to play and stops immediately after some less frames (like 5 or 7 frames). After then I’m not able to play/pause any video and I need to restart Shotcut then. Usually I’m having then a stucking shotcut.exe process in the taskmanager and when I kill the process and restart Shotcut I often directly bump in the same issue again (start playing, don’t wanna play anymore).
I need to restart Shotcut (closing and killing the process) many times until Shutcut will work again. As I don’t get this issue everytime it’s hard to troubleshoot it, but last time I waited some time after I closed Shotcut before I killed the process and this seamed to help…
Next time when I have a stucking process I’ll try to figure out with Processmon what shotcut is doeing then…

There were some changes in v18.09 to improve the reliability of shutdown; however, I am not certain all cases are covered.

In my case, almost always, the File -> exit cause application to freeze AFTER an extended period of system lock. I have to close it forcefully.

To reproduce:

  1. Work on any project. Save the work.
  2. Lock the computer
  3. After about 15 minutes or more, unlock the system.
  4. File -> exit
  5. Application freezes and does not close. Clicking close button gives a pop-up that application not responding close forcefully.

That has been true for me too. In fact, not too long ago today I had a system lock and after tried to close Shotcut and it just stayed frozen with it saying “Not responding” in the Task Manager. And this happened with the current beta version.

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