Shotcut is lagging

Im recording my gameplay on OBS and the video comes out clean 60 fps but when i transfer the clip to Shotcut and replay the clip it playes it back to me in 30 - 40 fps will this effect anything after i finish editing or will it stay under 60 fps

Generally speaking, laggy playback in a video editor doesn’t mean once encoded/exported after editing that the playback in your media player will be laggy.

System requirements for video editors are greater than for media players.
Does you computer meet the requirements for Shotcut and the video you are attempting to edit?

Im not a computer “Expert” but can you tell me if this meets the requirements.
Intel® Core™ i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70 GHz 2.70 GHz

Well that’s just the CPU you’ve listed, if you read the requirements at the link I provided you will see other hardware and software requirements are necessary as well.

The final product should still be 60FPS. I never get 60 when editing in shotcut, but after rendering it keeps the original framerate it was shot in.

If you’re unsure though you can do a small test clip.

ill just do a little edit with it and see if it comes out to 60 fps if it doesnt ill let you know