ShotCut is giving me major export issues

I have tried to export a video time and time again, but the only file that works is .mp4

I would like to know in particular how to export an image sequence.

So far, all I’ve gotten from this editor is frustration.

I can no longer export anything in shotcut.

i’m new to shotcut, and you would be right…shotcut exports as an .mp4. i’ve been exporting straight from the timeline. i can either export a single portion of a video by selecting a portion of the video where i have made my splits, and exporting the selected portion as an .mp4 to a folder of my choosing, or i can click the box at the beginning of the video track and export the entire video…hope this helps. please remember, i’m new…

We have frustration to because we can’t help you without any usefull infos from you… :slight_smile:

Here’s some:

Export a video.
No dice: The video’s exported but it’s zero bytes and shows nothing.
Do it again, different file this time thisagain.jpg
Try exporting some random clip as some random file. stilldon’twork.exe
give up.