Shotcut is 1 short in the number of frames it passes to glaxnimate

Windows 11 64bit 22H2
shotcut 24.04.28
to repeat the problem, split a video clip so you have a few small eg. approx 1.2sec sections. Select a section,in filters, add Mask:Draw (Glaxnimate) new. Often the frame count in glaxnimate for the selected clip section is one less than what shotcut is using. This means that when creating a filter, the last frame is not included, and is unfiltered.
it’s possible that glaxnimate is rounding down, thus missing the last frame, which shotcut is not doing, but the result is there is one frame less to edit in glaxnimate than is shown in shotcut most but not all of the time.

You can workaround this by increasing the duration in Glaxnimate. It does appear to be an off by one error in the Glaxnimate JSON document format’s meaning of last_frame. This is fixed for the next version 24.06


many thanks for the workaround. ie. before starting to create a mask in glaxnimate, go to document-timing, and add an extra frame. I look forward to when the updated version is released.