Shotcut icons, totally an aesthetic to the UI

something I’ve noticed is that the icons in UI appear to be quite pixelated on my monitor. I use a external 4K monitor running at 60 Hz, on macOS 10.13.6 and I do use the HiDPI mode that macOS provides, so not sure if it related to macOS, as I haven’t tested on Windows or GNU+Linux, and this totally a non functional thing, but was rather wondering if there were any interest in HiDPI icons for shotcut, and would it be possible if shotcut could support SVG icons. I ask about SVG as opposed to BMP or JPG or PNG because the file size of a SVG is quite small, but I do know that rendering the SVG could cause some overhead, so that’s why I’m asking.

Either way I have spent some time working with Inkscape this year, and would not mind at least attempting to update an icon or two, but wouldn’t really want to spend my time if there is no interest in such thing.

Also, not sure about the HiDPI modes on GNU+Linux or Windows ≥ 10 so not sure if users see the same thing on their screen or not, so I’ll post some pictures of what it is I’m talking about.

Sorry but I am not confident to accept your help for long term. People come and go, and I do not want to be left dealing with maintaining and making custom icons. I mainly use some icon collections (Oxygen and DefaultIcon). To make matters worse, there are 3 different sets to maintain for the different themes.

Personally. I do not find it that unattractive, and I use high DPI screens often as well. It’s not a priority for me now. I think sometimes the size of the widgets makes the problem worse. I used to specify a size like on the toolbar, but some Linux users complained. So I removed the hard coded sizes and added a small icons option in the view menu. Did you try that?

Just to add here that the icons seem fine on my screens, (both 26 inch desktop and 17 inch laptop, Windows) and it has never occurred to me there was a problem with pixellation. @ipatch - Always nice to see people offering to help though and your post is appreciated :smiley:


In the current version, the Timeline and Keyframes toolbars do not respond to the View > Small Icons toggle. I made an easy change for the next version 19.12 to make them respond.

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