Shotcut has opened with an unknown foreign language

This is a strange one! I just opened Shotcut and found the entire page is in an unknown foreign language… European characters, I might guess Irish or something, but really don’t know.

I definitely didn’t knowingly change any parameters to change this… but how on earth do I change it back not knowing where the option is in this language?

I guess I can reinstall Shotcut but it would be easier just to click something and put it back.

Here’s some of the stuff on screen:

" Dèan briogadh dùbailte air nì na liosta-cluich gus fhosgladh sa chluicheadair.

Gheibh thu ro-shealladh air cliop gu saor is cha leig thu leas an cur ris an liosta-chluich no a dùnadh.

Gus nì na liosta-cluich a bhearradh no a ghleusadh, dèan briogadh dùbailte air nì na liosta-chluich gus fhosgladh, atharraich e agus briog air an ìomhaigeag Ùraich.

Slaod is leig às gus òrdugh nan nithean atharrachadh."

Advice on what to do would be welcome.

I’ve discovered its Gaelic!

Just in case this helps anyone else to whom this could happen, here’s the fix when you can’t read the language!

(First, don’t bother to redownload the AppImage file as that makes no difference… just where is the config file stored I wonder?)

Menu items at top of program:

Fourth one across from left is SETTINGS

Vertically down 13 places is LANGUAGE.

The list of languages is thankfully in English, but it is the 7th down the list.

Going back to the ‘right’ setting makes the screen disappear and restart on my computer with the correct language.

Now I’m still wondering how I managed to make the change to Gaelic in the first place, though we have a cat that likes to bounce on keyboards… perhaps that was the cause!

Anyway I’m thankful I have Shotcut installed on two computers so I could check on the menu settings in English without any problem and find the same thing in Gaelic!

It reminds me of when a very cheap Chinese tablet reverted to the orginal Chinese and I never did find the way to reset it to English!

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Well done for sorting it out. Perhaps you can sort out my satnav for me. Here in Cyprus I have a Toyota car with an in-car entertainment system in it. The only problem is that even though it is a microsoft windows system, it is all in Japanese and the Satnav insists I am driving in downtown Yokohama, not Paphos.

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That info is in the FAQ.

There are a lot of youtube tuto for that.

Thanks for this. I really wasn’t expecting anyone to answer (I bought the car second-hand, imported from Japan)…

Some time ago I contacted the UK subsidiary of the company that makes the entertainment system. They informed me that the model I had was made solely for the Japanese home market and there was no option to get it to display in English, or update the Satnav map to anything other than Japan. It even shows the time in Japanese local time (so I have to subtract 6 hours in winter, 5 in summer) and they say that not even this can be changed.

It will play music from an SD card and display the information in English (since this is in the music tags in that language) but every now and then I (or more usually my wife) presses a wrong button and it takes me about 10 minutes to get back to where I can use it again!

Give the ref. I’ll look if I find something…

It’s an Alpine VIE-X08S unit. Alpine UK say it can’t be converted to English, nor can the Satnav maps be updated other than for Japan, nor are there any manuals for it in English.

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