Shotcut glossary - is there one?

I created a few basic videos on Moviemaker some years ago but I’m totally new to this software. I’d like to ask a question but I don’t even know the terminology. Is there some place/link that explains all the terms and items in the various sections and their meaning within Shotcut? I think if I had some grounding I could ask a not-dumb question.

Hello and welcome,

Someone else may eventually answer your question, but in the meantime please try these tutorials, since they are also a great way to learn:

Good luck!

Thanks. I’ve been checking out tutorials and hadn’t seen this one. Problem is, like most others the narrator starts in explaining how it works but, the terms used don’t make any sense since I have no context. And, most of them talk too fast anyway.

Only after watching a two-part tutorial - slowed down to .75 speed - did I grasp “timelines”, “play lists” and some other basic ideas, as applied to Shotcut. I wandered through the (myriad) filter selections and learned essentially nothing. Again, as an example, I have no context for the meaning of “mask” within Shotcut, or video editing in general for that matter…

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