Shotcut & Glaxnimate Timeline

In Shotcut my Timeline is in “Time” mode, in Glaxnimate the Timeline is in “Frames” mode. Is it possible to change the Timeline to Frames/Time in both or just one, so that they match?

I also thinks that would be practical in some cases.

There is this item on the Road Map. Maybe this will do the trick?

OK, now I can stop looking… cheers MB

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One thing you can do though is convert a number of frames into timecode format in Shotcut.

For example, you can position the playhead at one point in the Glaxnimate timeline, copy the frame position, paste it in Shotcut’s time counter and it will move the playhead to the same position in the timeline.

Would be cool if if works the other way also. But this can be useful sometimes.

Many thanks.

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