Shotcut Glaxnimate not working on clips

Hello Community,

I’m still a noob at shotcut but after following a tutorial - I cannot seem to get this feature working. Please see my issue on the link below.

I’m trying to remove the bin… not sure why the clip does update.

The Mask tools including Glaxnimate are not object removal tools, but they can be used for that purpose if you do more work. You did not explain what should be in the place of the removed bin: pink polka dots? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Shotcut does not know (it has no AI) and does not assume. You need to put whatever you want it to show in its place on a video track below your clip. IOW, the mask made a window, but you do not see the window; you see what is on the other side. What is on the other side of the window? Instead of adding more tracks, if all you need to show is solid black or white, you can add the filters:

  • Alpha Channel: Adjust and check Invert
  • Alpha Channel: View and set Display to Black Background

I thought… by adding a black MASK, this would just mask out the BIN?

“Mask” in Shotcut and most video and image software = alpha channel, which is the transparency layer. If you simply want to draw a black shape that you use as a mask (like the kind you wear) using Glaxnimate, then you do NOT use the Mask: Draw filter. Instead, you need to add a video track, and choose from the main tool bar Open Other > Animation > Add to Timeline. That will make a drawn clip object. If you already made the drawing file, then you simply add it to the new video track like any other video or image file.

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