Shotcut gives me errors when I try to use my mic

I am on Windows 11 22H2 and when I try to record, Shotcut says “Record Audio error”. When I go to Open Other, it says “Failed to open dshow:audo”. You can see the error message in the screenshot below.

I have already enabled the mic in the privacy settings but cannot confirm they are still enabled in the settings since it crashed whenever I click on the privacy settings button. I can however confirm through the registry that the mic is still allowed.

I have also been messing around with services but I don’t think I have disabled anything that would be preventing programs from accessing the mic. I have only just done a clean install of Windows because my last installation was so messed up for so long because I not only disabled a bunch of services but I deleted their dll’s and exe’s from the Windows directories. This time around, I have only deleted files related to Windows Update and nothing else. Here is what I have disabled.

My microphone is just a USB mic. The PC recognizes it and Windows sees it just fine. I don’t know why Shotcut is giving me these errors.

The only reason why I went through the trouble of reinstalling Windows was so I could use my mic to make YT videos. Please help.

Try here Settins >> Audio/Video Device >>
or here Open Other >> Audio/Video Device >>
Choose your microphone. Select it again even if it is already visible.

Operations performed in the registry or system services can harm you.
I do not speak English.

Yes, my mic was already set but I checked to make sure and set it again and I still cannot get it to work.

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