ShotCut "Generate srt"

While looking for something else, I found this site:
Generate Caption Effortlessly with AutoCaption on Free Video Editor”.
I have “ShotCut” on my PC, but cannot find the mentioned “Tools option”.
Can you please, on the layout screenshot show where it is.
Answers will be appreciated.
ShotCut version 24.02.29

This is an Android application on Google Play store, with almost the same name as our video editor. Look at the logo. It’s not the Shotcut’s logo. Shotcut does not work on Android system.

They’re borrowing the Shotcut name and the CapCut logo.

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They are also promoting this site, it’s an bot I think.

Oh sorry, it’s not an bot account, I just saw, he is old member. :sweat_smile:

But I still stay on my place that he is promoting this site…

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